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We, as Americans, need  more  service from our elected  officials. We can be that shining city on the hill.  That beacon of hope for those who yearn for Liberty. Our work  is cut out for us and we know the path. In the end we will all bask in the sunshine of our success!

In 1983, I turned 18, went to the only store we had in my hometown (which doubled as the post office), and registered for the draft. I then registered as a Republican and voted for Ronald Reagan in 1984. When George H. W. Bush ran, he also received my vote, but I changed my registration from the GOP to nonpartisan. The idea of being nonpartisan allowed me the leeway to disagree with all political parties should I choose to do so.


I am now alarmed at the state of our nation. I have returned to the Republican Party as it appears our standards, values, and ethics align. The Republican Party is the last bastion, the last line of defense for the liberty and freedom for which we are blessed, from our Creator, as was boldly and remarkably pronounced in our Declaration of Independence.


The Democrat Elite are destroying our country economically and culturally. I am here to fight the elite political class that has co-opted the true function of limited government, steals our money, endangers women and children, and leaves our borders wide open for human and drug trafficking.


If you agree with my approach to policy and reduced government, vote for me in the Republican Primary. If you are not registered Republican, please visit the Nevada Secretary of State website and register as a Republican so together we can vote and win in the Republican Primary.


We need to remove the crushing policies our government imposes on us. Spread the word, share the website, and utilize all upcoming social media to reach all your contacts!


If you are not registered Republican, PLEASE DO SO! To win the primary, I need existing Republicans and newly registered Republicans to defeat those who want to maintain the status quo.

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